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Irrigation Systems in South Yarmouth, MA

You can count on John G. Sears & Sons for the installation and maintenance of a quality irrigation system in Cape Cod. Whether you've got a home or an office, a well-functioning irrigation system can relieve you of the duty of carrying a hose around to water your landscape. Our well-trained professionals will take all the necessary measurements and sketches to ensure ideal placement of the sprinklers. We come up with an educated guess as to the initial flow rate, which provides us with a starting point for pressure and flow manipulations.

We work meticulously and account for things that eat up water pressure in the ground. When we take pressure losses into account, we come up with actual flow and pressure values as a basis for installing the sprinkler system. To install the system, we lay out piping routes in different zones to help us create sprinklers that use less water but still keep plants healthy. This zoning is also important because a poorly designed sprinkler system may result in turf disease.


Service for Existing Systems

If you already have a sprinkler system, we can help keep it in a well-functioning state. We'll inspect your zoning to ensure optimal placement of pipes and look at your sprinkler heads to make sure they're in working condition. In the fall, we perform blowouts of sprinkler zones to keep water from freezing in the pipes during winter. We can also test for leaking pipes, and if cracks are found, we'll make appropriate recommendations for repair. We'll test the water pressure in your system and perform coverage inspection to see that there is an ideal distribution of water. You can rely on our years of expertise to ensure a system that keeps your plants hydrated and healthy.

Services for existing systems include:
Sprinklers - Ornamental Shrub & Tree Services in Yarmouth MA
  • Testing for cracked or leaking pipes
  • Working condition of sprinkler heads
  • Fall Blowout of each zone to prevent freezing
  • Water pressure testing
  • Coverage inspection to ensure proper distribution of water
  • Inspection of zones
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