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Custom Tree Spraying in South Yarmouth, MA

Tree Spraying

At John G. Sears & Sons, we've been spraying trees for 60 years, and we know the right times to spray to keep trees healthy and free of pests. Our licensed professionals use special insecticides to take care of issues with moths throughout all trees on a landscape. From April through July, we spray pine trees to protect them from tip moths and borers, which cause oozing at a tree's base. For Hemlocks, we spray to provide protection against the Wooley Adelgid in March through November. From June through August, we target gypsy moth caterpillars, which like to feast on oaks and maple trees.

Winter Moth Caterpillars

In December and January, winter moths lay hundreds of thousands of eggs in local trees and shrubs. At a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit, these eggs hatch to release green inchworms that start to wreak havoc on the plant. These pests feed until mid-June and threaten to defoliate trees and shrubs. With repeated defoliation, trees and shrubs may die, but regular our tree spraying can protect against this unfortunate outcome.


Gypsy Moth Caterpillars

These pests hatch from eggs in early spring through mid-May. They move to the leaves of trees for feeding at night, but in heavy infestations, they may feed during the day as well. These caterpillars grow by molting, and their appetite increases after every molt. They feed until the pupal stage occurs in mid-June or early July, and when they emerge as moths, reproduction takes place from July through September. If you see tan or buff-colored hairs on tree trunks, sides of buildings or outdoor furniture, you may have a problem with gypsy moths, but we can help.
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